Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park

Sun is slowly peeking.

Finally, the breath taking view of Mt Bromo, Mt Batok and Mt. Semeru

Another view of Mt.Bromo shown from Mt. Pananjakan view point


Tourist enjoy taking wondering around. At the back shows Mt Semeru.

View from our right side

Aerial view of Cemoro Lawang village, abundant vegetation and farmed vegetables.


On our way to Mt Bromo with sands on our jeans


Jeeps which serves as a transportation in going to this place

A picturesque view of the viewpoint Mt. Pananjakan

Mt. Batok which is no longer active

You can always take a horse which will cost you RP100,000 2-way when you getting tired of walking

In the middle of the “sea of sands” sits the Pura Luhur Poten temple (shown at the back with trees)

This horse is resting near the cliff from where we we’re standing  which give us a perfect shot with a great background

Who wants to ride a horse?

Stairway to Mt. Bromo’s crater

The crater, finally we reached the top whew!

View from the top of the crater, people below are like tiny ants


Sand Storm? Wind blows from the top of Mt Bromo.

We met some new friends along the way, making it more of an amazing experience




Sunrise panoramic view of Mount Bromo and Sea of Sands.


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