Tioman Island

Tioman Island is located on the eastern part of Malaysia which can be accessed mostly by Ferries from Mersing. If you’re coming from Singapore, make your way to Larkin terminal and from there, take the bus to Mersing. We had a hard time booking our bus tickets on our way there so if you plan to go on a  trip to Tioman during peak seasons, better book as early as possible. The same goes with the ferries (though most of the time, departure of  ferries are still depending on the weather  condition). If this occurs, and no ferries are travelling, and you are already in Mersing, you can always spend the night there (which most tourist do).  Mostly, ferry departure schedules are usually in the morning depending on the weather condition. Tioman is also accessible by plane from Singapore.  Berjaya Air is a subsidiary of the Berjaya Resorts group, and transports guests to the Berjaya resort on Tioman. The airline isn’t exclusive only to the said resort but also caters to passengers who had different accommodations on the Island and more importantly to the locals. As we were on  a budget trip, we decided to take bus and ferry. The time we went  to Tioman was probably not  the best time. Month of February is a monsoon season wherein you  will be expecting  waves that made our trip like a roller coaster ride and not to mention heavy rains on that part of Malaysia. Our first day on that island was a sunny day which is very unusual on a monsoon season and we are very thankful for that. It was low tide during the afternoon, so we took the opportunity to explore walking on the shorelines. We took pictures on that day. We were blessed though for just a few hours.  We were planning to go trekking on the island but it’s very impossible to do during monsoon since the tour guides were saying that it’s not safe.

We did enjoy having dinner in front of the sea. The food was great though. As expected, it rained on that night and never stopped  until the next morning. We didn’t let the rain stop our right to enjoy that day. We hit the pool and let ourselves play under the rain as if little kids. And we really had fun. We even took a walk and swam into the sea  despite the rain and ….a liitle bit of waves hehe. What a day! We never thought we would be able to enjoy despite on that weather condition. ..The roller coaster waves, the thrill, the adventure, the rain, the food, and the people….t’was quite a trip and worth it.


One of the ports of Tioman Island, Paya Beach Resort where the ferry and the Speed boats stop over to drop passengers who are staying in the resort.

DSC_2031 - Copy

Left our bags in our rooms…then stroll!

DSC_2302 - Copy

Which way to go?

DSC_2042 - Copy

  Seascape which will enchant the tourist

DSC_2118 - Copy

A woman walks during low tide

DSC_2120 - Copy

Another view of the rock which can be clearly seen during low tide

DSC_2122 - Copy

Partial view of the Paya Beach

DSC_2159 - Copy

This is how it looks like during low tide


We turn around the rock and this is what we saw…wow! tons of shells…


The other side of the resort


Guests playing volleyball while another relaxing on a hammock under a tree. whew

DSC_2187 - Copy

This way to the Rock Fall

DSC_2217 - Copy

Crossing the chilling river on the way to Rock Fall

DSC_2254 - Copy

And this is it…the rock fall..disappointed? we are not actually sure if this is the one!

DSC_2281 - Copy

This is where the locals dock their boats

DSC_2312 - Copy

Front view of the beach where we ate our dinner enjoying the beautiful sunset

DSC_2360 - Copy

Lots of boats

DSC_2325 - Copy

Taking a souvenir shot

DSC_2114 - Copy

A calm sea with soft breeze of the wind

DSC_2367 - Copy

A glimpse of the setting sun


Our accomodation


Enjoy yourselves watching the sea in this area


Site Plan of Paya Beach resort

DSC_2427 - Copy

Buying souvenirs at Mersing on our way home.


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